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Our Best Defence

While the world waits to see the ever-changing impact of the coronavirus, our local suppliers are still producing amazing produce and products – chickens are still laying eggs, cows and goats are still producing milk, fruit and vegetables are still growing, and paper mills are still producing toilet paper.  

Stocking up on tinned food, rice and long-life milk, may help us feel that we are somehow better prepared, but surely our best defence is to stay healthy and calm, while the government and health authorities work to control the virus spreading.

A lot of Pantry 360 customers are opting to give their immune systems a boost, with fresh produce, and local immune boosting products such as Byron Bay Ginger Blast and Bucha of Byron Kombucha.  Afterall, doesn’t our immune system help us fight viruses? Indeed, no one is completely immune, but the hysteria and panic buying, also doesn’t stop you contracting the virus.  If anything, you have exposed yourself even more, by sharing the aisles in your local supermarket with other ‘hysterical panic buyers’.

Here at Pantry 360 in Newstead, Brisbane we are CALM, and business is as usual. We are still stocking fresh and local produce; and our café is still serving breakfast, lunch and dinners. Additionally, we have introduced fresh house made take home meals and produce boxes, for those affected by the regulations around crowds, which have impacted local farmers markets. 

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