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Shop, Play & Eat Locally

There is no doubt that shopping and eating local, is a passion of mine; after all, that is the concept of Pantry 360 the regional grocer, café and caterer. We believe that we need to support our local producers and small business to ensure we have enough resources to sustain a growing population and turbulent economy. 

Certainly, the recent spate of natural disasters has put additional pressures in some way or another on many of our regional producers and small businesses. Only weeks ago, we saw absolute devastation and destruction of entire towns, communities and infrastructure, and in response fellow Australian’s made their own sacrifices to donation to those in desperate need of help.  These sacrifices may have been as simple as going without purchasing a coffee at your local café, or not going out for lunch or dinner, or going without that amazing regional jam for a week or two.  

It was unfortunate to hear that some of these good intentions weren’t honoured and sacrifices people made has put unexpected pressures on our regional producers and small businesses that weren’t directly impacted by natural disasters.   By this we mean, consumers have spent their money on donations; and are therefore not purchasing from small businesses; and therefore, small businesses are not purchasing from regional producers. 

Certainly, this is only a small contributing factor, but to sustain regional producers, small businesses and communities and to know where your money is going, we encourage you to SHOP, PLAY AND EAT LOCALLY.

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