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Please be seated

When developing the concept and service offering of our Newstead café and regional grocery store, there was never any question about serving guests at tables and using linen napkins.  Afterall, that is what we all grew up with and came to expect from cafés and restaurants – right?

Clearly, my out-dated expectations don’t seem to be shared amongst a new breed of breakfast and lunch punters.  I have tried to figure out why some customers have an inherit need to line up to order food at a counter, in preference to taking a seat and letting us do what we love to do and provide proper table service. (Yes, I am talking old school again).

Is it that customers think they are trying to help us out?  Or is it that we haven’t yet broken out of our tuckshop days and revert back to a familiar comfort zone?  Or is it more sinister than this and customers think they will be served ahead of those who are seated for breakfast or lunch?

I don’t think I will ever figure out the reason behind some customers discomfort in table service and while it may be different to service offerings at other Newstead cafes, Pantry 360 will continue to serve our guests at the table.  So next time you visit Newstead, please take a seat!  

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