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Relaxing Weekend Breakfast or Long Lunch?

As a café owner in Newstead, Brisbane, we often brace ourselves for the Saturday morning breakfast rush.  It is not that we are under staffed, nor under prepared to serve the early morning coffee crowds or breakfast folk, it’s the cyclonic way in which it so often happens.

It seems our lives are now so busy, that even our weekends are timetabled.  The simple pleasure of having a coffee needs to be scheduled and timed, so that we don’t miss our next scheduled, so called, “relaxing” activity.  What happened to the “long lunch” or “relaxed weekend breakfast”, where we would have drink on arrival, even before pursuing the menu offerings.

Nowadays, the simple question of “Would you like a to drink to start?” seems to leave some in a confused state of mind.   Not because they don’t want a drink to start, but time is ticking and they need to get food and drink in them as quickly as possible or they could miss their next relaxing activity (probably grocery shopping).  Breath people, it is ok to look at a menu (and actually order from it) while having a coffee.

Though, the experts say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, I question the health benefits, when it is consumed at such a lightening pace.  While, every café or restaurant owner loves to see tables being turned over, at our Newstead café on the weekend, tables are being turned as quickly as every 15 minutes during our breakfast service.  This not only highlights the cracking pace in which our incredible staff work at to prepare and serve food and drink within this time, but the indigestible pace at which breakfast is actually being consumed.

Maybe, 2020 should be the year, that we throw away weekend timetables and book a “long lunch” or “relaxed weekend breakfast” at one of Newstead’s amazing cafes or restaurants.

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