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Clovely Estate 2015 Barbera 750ml (South Burnett)


Barbera is an Italian varietal grown mainly in the northern regions of Italy. Known for its high acidity it is often aged for long periods in oak barrels or blended with other varietals to soften the palate. Our 2015 Barbera was fermented in open vessels and hand plunged before spending 12 months in oak just to enhance the complexity and body of the wine. In the South Burnett our warmer climate naturally helps to bring this varietal into better balance and as a result our Barbera is 100% and has been left unfined and bottled while still fresh and youthful to highlight its delicious berry and cherry notes.



TASTING NOTES: The wine has a bright and fresh crimson hue, with lovely notes of plum, strawberry and sour cherry.  Delicate spice from its short time spent in oak pervade the palate lifting complexity and the soft tannins work well to balance the noticeable yet controlled acidity.

SUGGESTED FOODS: Barbera loves garlic, tomato, olives and rich meats, so try it with Italian style sausage and lentil stew, roast pork (or wild boar), or braised rabbit and olive stew.


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