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Relaxing Weekend Breakfast or Long Lunch?

As a café owner in Newstead, Brisbane, we often brace ourselves for the Saturday morning breakfast rush.  It is not that we are under staffed, nor under prepared to serve the early morning coffee crowds or breakfast folk, it’s the cyclonic way in which it so often happens. It seems our lives are now so...
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Our Best Defence

While the world waits to see the ever-changing impact of the coronavirus, our local suppliers are still producing amazing produce and products – chickens are still laying eggs, cows and goats are still producing milk, fruit and vegetables are still growing, and paper mills are still producing toilet paper.   Stocking up on tinned food,...
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Shop, Play & Eat Locally

There is no doubt that shopping and eating local, is a passion of mine; after all, that is the concept of Pantry 360 the regional grocer, café and caterer. We believe that we need to support our local producers and small business to ensure we have enough resources to sustain a growing population and turbulent...
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Please be seated

When developing the concept and service offering of our Newstead café and regional grocery store, there was never any question about serving guests at tables and using linen napkins.  Afterall, that is what we all grew up with and came to expect from cafés and restaurants – right? Clearly, my out-dated expectations don’t seem to...
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